New Website In The Works

Hello guys hope you're doing great cause I'm doing awesome and I just wanted to give you a little update.

There is a new website in the works, a bit of an upgrade from this little blog here. I have already worked out most of the details of where and how to host it narrowing it down to 3 main options. I have also worked out more or less how I want the layout and what content management systems I would like to use. Now all that is really left is working with a developer to get it all set up. I am not sure how long this will all take but I implore you to be patient.

My plan is to have the new site include all the things currently available on the current site. Pictures, info, ect... plus a lot more including community type pages such as a fourms.

Also on the new site I plan to post updates more frequently, including a status update at least once a month.

Until then remember to continue being great, and I'll try to stay awsome!