Content Usage Notice

The following applies to all content posted on , , and all other content produced by Legeis Gaming, Peter Siegel, or in partnership between Legeis Gaming or Peter Siegel and any third party regardless of where the content was originally posted and what notices were posted at the time, whether or not a notice was included at the time and whether or not the content is specifically mentioned. (aka: the source, the original work)

This is revocable limited permission to use the aforementioned content with restrictions as follow

- A notice of use is sent to informing Legeis Gaming of the use of the content this notice should include both a link to the source as well as to your new work

-The use of the original work is reasonable and the new work dose not use an excessive portions or clips from the original work as deemed appropriate by Legeis Gaming

- A link to both the source and to this page should be included along with your new work either in the description or on the same page as the content

- Any audio and video are kept in their original form and in sync when the source includes both audio and video. You man not take just the audio or just the video from the source or sync audio from one part of the source to video from another part of the source as this may lead to a miss representation of the original work

- Legeis Gaming, Peter Siegel, or any other party with collaborative rights to the original work has not explicitly revoked, forbidden, or banned the use of any part of the original work in the new work or put out a public notice restricting usage of the original work

- The new work is not explicit, pornographic, or sexual in nature. Regardless of the content of the original work

- The new work dose not harm the monetary value of the original work

- Under no circumstances dose this permit the reposting of an the entirety of the source as it would not be transformative in nature and would harm the value of the source. This may only be done with explicit written permission from all rights holders of the original work.

Legeis Gaming reserves the right to both make exceptions to this policy as well as revoke the right to use its content on a case by case basis or change this policy universally without notice.

This page dose not constitute a contract or license of any kind and may be changed without notice. This page dose is meant only as guild lines for the use of content as mentioned above.
This Page dose not grant any permission to use 3rd party content included or used in the creation of a original work or the content of partners, collaborators or others. You should seek permission from all individual owners and rights holders for any content you intend to use. You are solely responsible for seeking permission to use any content and being aware of and contacting the proper rights holders.